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In 1925, the London School Board Lodge was made a Hall-Stone Lodge. The Masonic Million Memorial Fund was launched in September 1919 and brethren both at home and overseas were invited to contribute to raise the £1,000,000 needed to finance the work to build what is now Grand Lodge in Great Queen Street and a memorial to those who lost their lives in the Great war. The contributions from individuals and Lodges were to be recognised by the award of the Masonic Million Memorial Fund Commemorative Jewel. Contributions to this Fund were to be entirely voluntary and were to be recognised by special commemorative jewels. Masters of lodges contributing an average of ten guineas (£10.50) per member would be awarded the commemorative jewel such lodges would then be known as Hall Stone Lodges (thus giving the jewel its name) and their names and numbers were inscribed on commemorative marble panels in the main ceremonial entrance vestibule of Freemasons’ Hall, London.

Again in 1925, the London School Board Lodge was appointed to be a Founder Lodge of the Freemasons’ Hospital and Nursing Home. W. Bro. Roland Dudley, L.G.R., presented to the Lodge in 1926 a stone gavel hewn from King Solomon’s quarries in Jerusalem. The Lodge became a patron of the Royal Masonic Institute for Boys and the Royal Masonic Institute for Girls.

In 1988 the London School Board Lodge received official recognition from the Royal Masonic Hospital for its financial support over several years. At a meeting on the 4th February 1992, the Charity Steward announced to the Brethren that the lodge had been appointed “Patron of the New Masonic Samaritan Fund” and that from henceforth these words would be printed on the front page of the Summons.

On 13th March 2012 the London School Board Lodge was awarded Grand Patron Lodge of the Metropolitan Masonic Charity  status in recognition of our donation of £10,000 to the cyber knife appeal. The Cyberknife Appeal ran from February 2010 to February 2014. The target amount required was £3m for Barts Hospital to purchase the Cyberknife.

In October 2015 the London School Board Lodge has obtained the Foundation level for the MMC London’s Air Ambulance Award London’s Air Ambulance brings the surgical team to the patient where life saving techniques, normally only seen in theatre, can start straight away. Due to routine maintenance a single helicopter cannot cover the area inside the M25 365 days of the year or provide cover for all the hours of daylight. With the second helicopter they can. With our help a further 400+ critically ill trauma patients can be reached each year. 

In May 2018 the London School Board Lodge achieved Grand Patron status by donating over £7,000 towards the London Fire Brigade Appeal. The Lodge has also continued with its own numerous and smaller donations to a variety of charities both masonic and non masonic over the years.


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